Pregnant lady boogies down to ‘Thriller’ to try to induce labor

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Engaging in strenuous physical activity to induce labor is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But while in the past, women tried to self-induce contractions by toiling in the fields or running away from Mongolian warlords, today’s modern woman tries to induce labor by dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

In the video, which was posted last week, mom Bonnie Northsea attempts to induce pregnancy by donning some yoga pants and shimmying to an instructional video version of “Thriller.” She says she recorded the video 40 weeks into her pregnancy.

The clip, which Northsea first posted on Facebook before posting onto YouTube, garnered 55,000 views in 24 hours and has since gone viral:

In the video description, Northsea says the video was intended not just as a way to induce labor a few days past her due date, but it was also a way to help her emotionally grapple with recent bad news in her personal life.

“My husband is fighting a battle with Testicular Cancer (just diagnosed a month ago) so it has been difficult emotionally recently,” she wrote. “This video really helped as it has caused me to laugh over and over again.” Us too, Bonnie.

H/T WABC TV New York | Photo via Jerry Lai/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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