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‘You didn’t hear it from me, folks’: Pizza Hut worker claims store doesn’t wash dirty pans in viral PSA

‘That’s the secret to the Pizza Hut flavor!’


Vladimir Supica


A Pizza Hut worker has gone to TikTok in an attempt to expose Pizza Hut for their alleged unhygienic practices.

TikTok user @joshuadownthestreet filmed a video of themselves wiping down dirty pans, accompanied with the overlay text: “Pizza Hut doesn’t wash their Thin Pizza pans. They are wiped down with a used rag instead. If wet, they don’t dry.”

@joshuadownthestreet you didn't hear it from me folks. #fyp #pizza #pizzahut ♬ original sound – International iGOT7

The video was originally posted on Oct. 17 and has quickly become viral, amassing over 940,000 views. 

As the video started garnering more attention, a debate sparked in the comments section.

Some commenters who claimed they were also Pizza Hut workers argued that their stores properly clean their pans.

“I work at a Pizza Hut for 16 years and we always wash ours,” one commenter said.

“Not my pizza hut, my pizza hut be cleaning even the ceiling tiles,” another user wrote.

“I run a pizza hut for 7 years and I always washed mine in the dish washer” a third said.

Other viewers, however, defended the practice and claimed it wasn’t unusual.

“No pizza place [washes their pans] and it don’t matter,” one commenter claimed.

“I can almost guarantee you it’s like this everywhere. I used to work at a bakery saw this too,” another pointed out.

Several TikTok viewers responded that washing a pan might actually ruin it, and the specific technique was called “seasoning.”

“I’ve worked at 3 separate pizza places and this is just how it works,” one viewer claimed. “It seasons the pans so they’re always nonstick and if u wash it can ruin it.”

“Adds flavor and the degree they cook pizza kills everything anyway,” another added.

The disgruntled worker posted a follow-up TikTok, showing other parts of the restaurant that are dirty along with the overlay text: “Just because a restaurant has a 100% does not mean it’s clean. My GM doesn’t prioritize cleaning, and everyone’s quitting. I’m going to quit too.”

The worker also left a caption on the video, complaining about their pay and work environment, writing, “minimum wage is NOT worth this. every other job I have held has been in a CLEAN work space. this environment is disgusting and I won’t be the only one to make it spotless unless I get paid more than my $8ph.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @joshuadownthestreet via TikTok comment and to Pizza Hut via media contact form.

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