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14 delicious Pi Day-inspired recipes on Pinterest

Because nothing is more delicious than math.


Lisa Granshaw


It’s Pi Day and what better way to celebrate than by eating some delicious, math-inspired pies?

There’s no end to creative ideas for Pi Day on Pinterest. From pies shaped like the mathmatical symbol for Pi to just tasty pastry classics, you’ll find your every indulgence. Here are 14 of our favorites:

1) Strawberry Nutella Pi Pies on a Stick

Photo via Jenn – justJENN recipes/Pinterest

2) Pi “by the numbers” Pie

Photo via pointpixie/Pinterest

3) Pi-Shaped Pie

Photo via Tamara Lichfield/Pinterest

4) Carrot Cake Pie

Photo via Julie Chalmers/Pinterest

5) Mini-Muffin Tin Pudding Pies

Photo via Brenda Grisham/Pinterest

6) Triple Berry Pie

Photo via RJ E/Pinterest

7) Fudge Pie

Photo via Denise Schneider/Pinterest

8) Classic Apple Pie

Photo via Jennette Paul/Pinterest

9) Chicken Pot Pi Pie

Photo via Becca Ludlum/Pinterest

10) Rustic Pi-Shaped Pie

Photo via The Daily Meal/Pinterest

11) S’mores Pie

Photo via Lisha Adam/Pinterest

12) Chocolate Cream Pie

Photo via The Sugar Pixie/Pinterest

13) Banoffee Pie

Photo via Starr Pease/Pinterest

14) Thin Mint Brownie Pie


Photo via Amy Gagnepain/Pinterest

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