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‘Immediately would buy the product’: Worker accidentally uploads photo meant for her boyfriend to jewelry company’s website

‘Better this than a different kind of photo.’


Sarah Kester


Everyone has experienced the kind of panic that comes from sending someone the wrong image.

Maybe it was a funny meme meant for a BFF instead of an uptight co-worker. Or it was a screenshot of a conversation accidentally sent to the person on the other end of the conversation.

While these are all hide-under-the-covers worthy, nothing compares to the panic that ensued after a TikTok user (@showgirlscrew) realized that she accidentally uploaded a photo meant for her boyfriend to the Girls Crew jewelry website. 

The video, which was posted on May 30 and has since garnered over 704,000 views, began with the worker looking shellshocked at her mistake.

@shopgirlscrew Apologies in advance to my boss when she sees this🫶 This is only my second time doing this…. so i feel like i wont get in trouble??🤞👀😅 #officehumor #earcuffstyle #earcuffs #chainearrings #daintyjewelry #daintyearrings #earstack #officelife #mistakeshappen ♬ original sound Girls Crew

“Not me accidentally uploading a silly photo I meant to send to my BOYFRIEND to the COMPANY WEBSITE,” the text overlay read. She proceeded to show the blunder that was posted on the product page for “Enchanted Wings Ear Cuff + Stud.”

Everything seemed normal at first: The first two images showed a person wearing the earring. But by the third image, it was clear that something was amiss. It showed the worker making a silly face with her tongue sticking out and a closeup of her eye.

In the caption, the worker apologized to her boss and made it known that this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Apologies in advance to my boss when she sees this,” she wrote. “This is only my second time doing this…. so i feel like i wont get in trouble??”

It’s hard to see her getting in trouble when people in the comments loved the happy accident. Some even expressed wanting to buy the jewelry simply because of it. 

“Immediately would buy the product,” this user wrote. “I’m sold,” read another comment from the ice cream company Drumstick.

“Suddenly I’m in the market for earrings,” commented a third. “Sales went up that day,” joked another.

Many helped the worker feel better by pointing out that the situation could’ve been much worse. 

“Better this than a different kind of photo,” a user commented with a laughing and embarrassed emoji. They implied that the TikToker could have uploaded a racy image, which is what usually comes to mind when someone says that they accidentally uploaded an image meant for their boyfriend’s eyes.

Another user softened the blow by sharing their own wrong image story. “I send pictures of mt students to their parents every day and accidentally uploaded cat pics a few weeks ago,” they wrote.

However, some people accused the worker of faking the accident as a marketing tactic to get views and sell more jewelry.

“This has to be done for marketing,” wrote this user.  “3rd jewelry person I’ve seen do this accidentally,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to @shopgirlscrew via TikTok comment and Girls Crew via email. 

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