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‘I feel like they at least owe you a couch’: TikToker says a painting of his living room is mysteriously in a London gallery

‘For some reason, they have an oil painting of my living room.’


Stacy Fernandez


A man on TikTok was completely baffled when he allegedly discovered an oil painting of his living room was hanging in a London art gallery.

The video shows creator Josh (@ps4homescreenmusic1) speaking in front of a green screen showing an Instagram post from the gallery Unit London of a woman looking at the painting in question.

The living room shown is sparsely furnished with a rug, folding lawn chair, and a TV and gaming set on the floor.

“For some reason, they have an oil painting of my living room, but like, this doesn’t look real. This can’t be real,” Josh says in the video.

He then asks if any Londoners can stop by the Unit London gallery and send him a picture or video to confirm it’s real.

Josh goes on to show the original photo of his living room which also includes a small BTS poster on the wall behind the TV.

“This is the actual picture of my living room. Whoever did it cut off the BTS poster, which is funny as hell, but you know, whatever,” Josh adds.

The clip has more than 700,000 views and more than a thousand comments.

“I study art in London and can confirm this is real! It’s in a new exhibition by the artist Mauro Martinez,” a commenter confirmed.

The art exhibit including Josh’s photo is titled “RateMySetup” and is being shown from Jan. 31 to Mar. 4 at Unit London, according to the gallery’s website.

“Inspired by the online subreddit thread, RateMySetup, where users post images of their gaming systems, Martinez’s exhibition of the same name explores the lengths that people will go to in order to stay online,” the exhibit description reads.

For those confused about how the artist got a photo of Josh’s living room, the creator posted a photo of his “funny ass living room” on Twitter two years ago, and it went viral. “This picture was the mona lisa of twitter for some period of time,” one person said in the comments of Josh’s TikTok.

Other viewers, of course, had feedback about the whole strange situation.

“This would send me into psychosis,” a commenter wrote.

“If the artist makes money off that I feel like they at least owe you a couch,” another said.

“They should’ve included the bts poster it adds sizzle to it,” a further user suggested.

The Daily Dot reached out to Josh via TikTok comment but did not immediately hear back.

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