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Reddit comes together to help one of its own.

Reddit user azriphale came to to r/Omaha with an odd request. One of his friends had died after a long battle with brain cancer. As a giant Superman fan throughout his life, his family wanted to bury him in a Superman tie to honor him.

But after calling at least 10 different stores in the Omaha, Neb., area, he and his friend’s family had yet to find a Superman tie anywhere, and they needed it right away.

So azriphale went to his fellow Omahans, looking for any help they could offer in finding more stores to buy the tie. He offered to buy it from a fellow user.

Soon enough, he received plenty of store suggestions from redditors, and one did him even better. He offered his own ties for the burial.

“I happen to have two,” ineedascreenname wrote. “I’m in Benson area. PM me and you can pick whichever one you want.”


More redditors offered ineedascreenname their ties to make up for him giving one of his Superman ties away, and the thread got posted to r/bestof.

Donating the tie was a simple gesture, but it meant wonders for those who would receive it. It’s the very embodiment of azriphale’s friend’s idol, and it’s something Clark Kent would have done without hesitation.

“This person has brought comfort to a lot of people they’ve never met,” he wrote. “I cried when I got this reply (don’t worry, they were man tears composed of buffalo sauce and grass clippings so it’s acceptable) because it’s the kindest thing an internet stranger has ever done for me and it means a lot to me and his family. I’m still in shock.”

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