woman speaking in car with caption 'you know who's not ta the bottom of the ocean?' (l) OceanGate Titan submarine underwater (c) woman speaking in car with caption 'women' (r)

OceanGate/YouTube @giii_marie/TikTok Remix by Caterina Cox

‘You know who’s not at the bottom of the ocean?’: Women say they never would have boarded the OceanGate sub

'We would NEVER have gone without a FULL detailed plan.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Since news of the missing OceanGate submersible broke on Sunday, the public has learned more and more about the fated voyage that was supposed to take its five passengers to view the ruins of the Titanic.

The names of the five passengers, who have all been declared dead, were released this week, and one woman on TikTok pointed out that they were all men.

In a TikTok posted on Wednesday, GiGi Marie says she wants to “point out one minor detail that nobody’s talking about with this whole submarine thing.”

“You know who’s not at the bottom of the ocean?” GiGi Marie says in her video, which on Thursday had over 3 million views. “Women.”

@giii_marie I just KNOW FOR A FACT one of these rich idiot’s wives was like “please don’t go it sounds dangerous” and he was like no babe this pringles tin can walmart DIY submarine is perfectly safe #submarine #missingsubmarine #titanic #oceangate #titanicwreck #billionaires ♬ original sound – GiGi Marie

Many female commenters said that her video resonated with them.

“We would NEVER have gone without a FULL detailed plan,” @ans8003 commented.

“Because we overthink things,” @mayressha91 wrote. “A win is a win.”

“It’s bc we actually critically think,” @lynnethao commented.

GiGi Marie’s video has also become a sound that other TikTokers are using to share their opinions on the submersible’s failed voyage.

“You couldn’t get me on that jank sub if you paid me 250K,” @e.lisha.r wrote in the caption of her video using the audio.

“As it still stands, women are also zero for zero on starting WARS too,” @tupperwarejanelle wrote in her caption. “Perhaps women need to start voting for women in politics.”

“Im not bolting myself into a tin can with no escape option and diving into the ocean,” @gloriaesposito78 wrote.

However, women have already ventured to the ruins of the Titanic: In 2022, Chelsea Kellogg went on an OceanGate voyage. First reported by People, Kellogg posted on Instagram about the trip last summer.

“Thanks to the hard work of the Oceangate Expeditions team and Horizon Arctic crew we made it to the bow section of the wreck and we were able to explore and see some of the iconic parts of the ship,” Kellogg wrote in her post’s caption. “So incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime experience!”

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*First Published: Jun 22, 2023, 5:02 pm CDT