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The New York City Marathon as seen on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram

The New York City Marathon, through locals’ eyes.


Kevin Collier


Sunday marked the New York City Marathon—the city’s excuse to burn off calories from all the Halloween candy. Its route touched all five of the city’s boroughs, so there were roughly 8.3 million potential Twitter, Vine, and Instagram users ready to document the race.

In Staten Island, some runners heard a Jewish daily prayer before starting.

Shacharit before the #nycmarathon. Go runners! (Photo credit: Karsten Moran for @nytimes)

— Tablet Magazine (@tabletmag) November 3, 2013

Headed north on Brooklyn’s 4th Avenue, some had a banana waved at them.

Banana for the runners! #nycmarathon

— Julia Dahl (@juliadahl) November 3, 2013

RT @chrisdcomedy The streets of Brooklyn look like they have Rainbow Sprinkz on them. #NYCMarathon

— Storyful (@Storyful) November 3, 2013

Someone yelled what sounds like “France!” at those runners.

Champion marathoners don’t stop to go to the bathroom. Lesser athletes go the more traditional New Yorker route.

Don’t drink too much Gatorade. #nycmarathon

— Choire (@Choire) November 3, 2013

Going by the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Lead runners passing BAM #nycmarathon

— World B Steve (@MrStvB) November 3, 2013

The awesome practice of looking up runners’ names by the number pinned to their shirt.

I genuinely love calling out runners names during the #nycmarathon

— Debbie Saslaw (@butlikesrsly) November 3, 2013

Passing through Long Island City in Queens.

The route barely spends more than a mile in the Bronx, explaining a dearth of marathon tweets from there.

A runner grabs a Gatorade in the Bronx and keeps going #Lirunsnyc

— Giovanny Pinto (@FGPreporting) November 3, 2013

A front runner heading south in Harlem.

One of the first men at mile 22. #nycmarathon @wbls1075nyc @1190amwlib #harlemmiles

— Skip Dillard (@mixcom) November 3, 2013

Part of Central Park West was shut down for the run.

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won with a record time of 2:08:24

@jhboston26: Geoffrey Mutai = Greatness #nyc Champion x2 #bostonmarathon x1 #berlinmarathon x1 @jhboston26

— Boston Marathon JH (@jhboston26) November 3, 2013

…and was about to be greeted with some fancy marathon champagne.

What’s waiting @ the #finishline #nycmarathon

— Óscar García (@oscar67wine) November 3, 2013

Photo by Rebecca Wilson/Flickr

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