A new NRA ad is raising eyebrows for showing a conservative radio show host smashing a TV.


The NRA wants you to destroy your TV over ‘fake news’

Smash your TV to own the libs.


Ana Valens


Posted on Feb 13, 2018   Updated on May 22, 2021, 1:06 am CDT

The NRA has a new ad out, and its message is downright bizarre. The video encourages Trump supporters to destroy their TVs with a sledgehammer over “fake news.”

The 39-second spot for NRATV features Grant Stinchfield, a conservative radio host who previously worked for NBC’s local Dallas station, standing over a TV as various excerpts from NBC, CNN, and MSNBC play. Political issues flash on the screen, as well as clips of Alec Baldwin’s Trump parodies and John Oliver criticizing the NRA, repeating endlessly from one station to the next.

That is, until Stinchfield puts on goggles, steps back, and swings the sledgehammer at the TV, breaking it.

“At NRATV, our greatest weapon against the lying fake news media is Truth,” the ad’s YouTube description reads.

Of course, the video quickly kicked up a Twitter storm because it makes no sense. Between the video’s awkward macho demeanor and Stinchfield’s “Socialist Tears’ t-shirt, NRATV’s ad is turning into one hell of a viral fiasco.


It’s almost like the NRA is projecting about “fake news” and “safe spaces.”


Plus, doesn’t smashing your TV defeat the whole purpose of the ad?

This certainly isn’t the first time the NRA has gone viral for its strange ads. In June, one dramatic ad showed an NRA spokeswoman calling on right-wingers to fight the left’s “violence of lies” with the “clenched fist of truth.” Another commercial shocked Twitter users after many thought the NRA vowed to “fist the New York Times,” although this thankfully wasn’t the case.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2018, 10:07 am CST