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Penguins, bees, and a polar bear. What could be better?

Today is National Wildlife Day, celebrated every September 4 with the goal of raising awareness about endangered and threatened wildlife. What better way to remind yourself that these beautiful animals deserve your attention and help then by watching them in action? 

Thanks to the Internet and its many live animal cams, you can now see for yourself the adorable antics of polar bear cubs and the majesty of swimming sharks. Even when these cameras aren’t live because the animals are sleeping, the feeds replay recent highlights so you can procrastinate by watching them any time of the day.

Here are 5 of the best live wildlife cams we found that you should watch and share with your friends in honor of National Wildlife Day.

1) Siku the Polar Bear Cub

2) Rockhopper Penguins

3) Honey Bees

4) Panda Cub

5) Blacktip Reef Sharks

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