Sleeping twins throw a birthday party

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Please give me a sleep-training lesson.

Look at these little sweeties, 2-year-old twins Ichika and Taich, all dolled up and sleeping away. 

. #ジョーズ #jaws #シャーク 🐬

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And this cutie, Joey, just 5 months old, styled to the nines and sneaking in a nap:

Anna approved. #AnnaWintour #nyfw

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Our friend has superpowers, and she squeezed your tiny bladder with her mind. #StrangerThings #eleven

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So stinking adorable, right? Definitely cute enough to go viral. And their moms should be given props for impeccable art direction and sticking to a general theme (for Ayumi Omori and her twins, it’s a combo of current events and media references; for Laura Izumikawa and daughter Joey, it’s pop culture personas) and seeing it through to over dozens of Instagrams. 

But you know what else is remarkable? That these babies can sleep through all of this dress-up and hair-styling and prop-placing and flash photography. If you opened the door to my 15-month-old son’s bedroom while he was sleeping, he’d stand up in his crib and throw his paci on the floor in revolt to my disrupting him.

And yet even more astounding than the luck of raising a good sleeper? That a parent would spend the precious hours of naptime—when she could be catching up on work, shoving food into her face, actually lying the fuck down, anything she doesn’t have time to do when a tiny person is clinging to her—creating these photo shoots. 

But hey, as we learned the top mom bloggers can make six figures. So get it, ladies!

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