Mom accidentally photobombs her son's proposal


‘She was trying her best’: Mom accidentally photobombs her son’s proposal

“She had one job.”


Sarah Kester


One couple’s proposal was made even more memorable when the future groom’s mom accidentally photobombed the special moment.

TikTok user Jennifer (@_jennyy4) posted the video of her future mother-in-law accidentally turning the camera to face herself while recording the proposal. By Thursday, it had amassed over 6.6 million views. 

@_jennyy4 she was trying her best!!🫶🏽😭 #engagement #proposal ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

“Pov: your bf gives his mom the phone to record the proposal,” the text overlay read. The video showed the couple participating in a popular TikTok trend, in which users will playfully slap a friend or partner’s hand and pose. These videos are often travel-themed, filmed in picturesque destinations around the world, all of them set to Frank Ocean’s “Pink + White.” 

The mom was supposed to record the proposal for her son, which took place in front of a fountain at Italy’s Saint Peter’s Square. But before viewers could see the son get down on one knee, she accidentally turned the camera to face herself instead.

Viewers could see the panic in the mom’s eyes as she tried to flip the camera before she missed the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“The panic in her face,” a user commented. “Lol congratulations!”

“The gulp at the end when she realized,” another wrote.

Some expressed that they would be extremely upset if their special moment was ruined, even if it was by accident. “Id be mad,” this user wrote, with a crying emoji. 

“I know she’s innocent, but this just made me so mad lol,” another commented.

A third quipped, “She had one job.”

But the video’s caption made it clear that Jennifer wasn’t upset with the mom. “She was trying her best!!” it read, with a heart and crying emoji.

Many were curiously hoping that someone else was recording the proposal. “Please please please tell me there was someone else taking another video omg,” one user wrote.

Luckily, the dad swooped in to save the day. “Yes! luckily his dad was recording the whole thing!” Jennifer captioned her follow-up video. 

@_jennyy4 Replying to @SmellDeezMugs ♬ original sound – jenniferaraujo737

The video, which is nearing a million views, shows the son getting down on his knee and opening up the ring box to his surprised now-fiancée.  

Viewers were so relieved the moment wasn’t lost. “Pheeewwww thank God!!! I thought that memory was going to be lost forever lol,” one user wrote.

“OMG DAD CAME IN CLUTCH!!!” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jennifer via TikTok comment. 

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