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This extension will remove sexist tweets from your timeline

The developers want to empower women on the internet.


Brooke Sjoberg


A new Firefox extension works like an ad blocker to hide misogynistic and sexist comments from your Twitter feed.

The extension filters for sexist words in tweets. The filter can either entirely remove anti-woman text, make it white so that it can’t be read against the default Twitter background, or strikethrough the text so that it is still visible but clearly marked.

Cyber activist Teresa Ingram helped her team at Opt Out Tools develop the extension in order to “empower women on the internet.”

When the team was building the tool, they looked at Twitter accounts of women like Zoë Quinn, the video game developer at the center of 2014’s Gamergate, who has received (and still receives) endless online harassment and death threats.

The team said that the long-term goal with the extension is “to protect everyone affected by online misogynistic harassment.”


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