windows outside apartment with caption 'out and about on a Saturday and i genuinely stumbled across a buncha kens in this apartment unironically: sitting around watching football drinking beer SINGING PUSH BY MATCHBOX 20' (l) men drinking and watching football (r)

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‘And that’s on Barbie movie’: Woman sees apartment full of men watching football, singing Matchbox 20

'Mojo Dojo Casa Apartment.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Sep 20, 2023

The “Kenergy” is strong in a woman’s viral video of her stumbling upon an apartment full of men singing “Push” by Matchbox 20.

“And that’s on the Barbie movie,” TikToker Olivia (@missbertels_) captioned her viral video. By Wednesday, her video had received over 361,900 views. 


and that’s on the barbie movie 💓🌸🎀💄👛🎟️

♬ original sound – olivia

“Out and about on Saturday and I genuinely stumbled across a buncha kens in this apartment unironically sitting around, watching football, drinking beer, SINGING PUSH BY MATCHBOX 20,” the text overlay reads.

Seeing the group of men bonding over beer and football, and the iconic song “Push”, Olivia noticed similarities to the “Kens” from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie.

The movie portrays its male Barbie counterparts, Kens, engaging in stereotypically masculine behaviors and interests— especially horses and the Australian band Matchbox 20. In the film, the Barbie Dreamhouse is rebranded as the more “masculine” Mojo Dojo Casa House.

There’s even a scene in the film where a group of Kens sit around a fire, serenading a group of Barbies with “Push”, as they feign interest. 

In the comments, women wasted no time in joking about finding Kens in the “Real World,” another homage to the Barbie film. 

“Mojo Dojo Casa Apartment,” wrote one woman, whose comment received more than 12,800 likes. 

The Ken get-together may not have been as fabulous as the parties in the film, but commenters loved that the men were just being Ken. 

“I love this for them actually lol they sound like they’re having a blast,” one wrote.

“This brings me so much joy,” a man shared. 

The owner of the apartment even identified himself in the comments. “LMAO this is my brother and I’s place,” @Ryahenry wrote. “Glad we could bring some entertainment!”

The Daily Dot contacted Olivia and Ryan via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2023, 3:50 pm CDT