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‘You’re not my mom’: McDonald’s worker films themself getting fired—and viewers side with the manager

‘Can’t believe the way he spoke to her.’


Sarah Kester


When a TikToker posted a video of himself getting fired from McDonald’s, viewers were McLovin’ it. But not for the reasons he expected. 

Instead, commenters sided with the manager and applauded her professionalism while dealing with the disgruntled worker. 

The viral video was posted by TikToker Laith (@imjust.stfu) on Monday. By Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 123,900 times. 

@imjust.stfu Gina was bad but my 8th grade zesty attitude was worse 😂😭 #mcdonalds #fired #work ♬ original sound – Laith

The Daily Dot reached out to Laith via TikTok comment. 

“When I got fired from McDonald’s,” Laith wrote in the text overlay of the video. It showed him having a heated conversation with his former manager near the cash registers. 

“You’re done,” said the woman with blonde hair, glasses, and a red shirt. She proceeded to remind him why he was fired the day before, which included “his mouth” and “his attitude.” 

Laith tried to defend himself, but the manager shut that down by stating that he wouldn’t listen to her when she asked him to put his phone away. 

“You’re not my mom, you don’t need to talk to me like that,” Laith replied while putting his hands near her face. This hostility caused another worker to get involved and escort Laith away from the registers. 

“No, I don’t need this attitude from somebody. I’m not doing this,” he said, which caused the manager to reply with, “This is your job, sir, you’re not at home and you’re not at school. So have a good day.” 

Laith wasn’t done just yet. “And you’re not my mom and you’re not my teacher, so don’t talk to me.” Before he exited the restaurant, the video concluded with some strong parting words; he called her ugly and yelled out, “Fuck you.”

While there are always two sides to a story, viewers had seen enough to profusely side with the manager. 

“She 100% telling the truth I can tell just by listening to him,” one wrote. “I’m on her side,” commented another. 

Laith defended himself to this comment, writing, “You wouldn’t last a day under the reign and wrath of Gina. She was a demon fr.” 

“She ate you down! Lol,” a third commented. 

Others weren’t surprised one bit that Laith was fired. They saw the manager as the real MVP and applauded her for keeping her cool. 

“She ate and left no crumbs.. Can’t believe the way he spoke to her.. What a professional woman,” a user shared. 

“You’ll grow up someday,” a user commented.

“Ik [I know] bro cried when he got in his car,” another shared. 

Some were embarrassed for him since he was fired from McDonald’s, a place that’s always hiring. 

“Not only r u in the wrong but this is just embarrassing,” a user wrote with three crying emoji. “ITS MCDONALDSSS.” 

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