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McDonald’s employees helped nab the Facebook murder suspect

Some quick thinking was involved.


Jessica Machado


McDonald’s employees were pivotal in police finding the suspect accused of murdering a 74-year-old man and sharing the video on Facebook, according to Cleveland’s CBS affiliate. The suspect, Steve Stephens, later killed himself before surrendering.

Around 11am Tuesday, Stephens went through a McDonald’s drive-thru in Erie, Pennsylvania, where an employee recognized him from television reports and called 911. When Stephens ordered, the employee stalled by giving him his chicken nuggets but told him his fries weren’t ready yet. Stephens soon took off without them.

The station says it was enough time for police to catch up to him. A police chase ensued for two miles until Stephens stopped. When officers approached his vehicle, Stephens shot himself.

The search for Stephens began Sunday after he recorded and shared on Facebook a video of himself shooting a stranger named Robert Godwin on a Cleveland street. Despite initial reports, Facebook denies that it was broadcast live on its platform, claiming that Stephens uploaded the video after the shooting.

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