Man and woman trying to stop moving car (three split)


‘This is like a scene from the office’: Man tries to stop moving car after ‘hit and run’

'Risking your whole life for a dented bumper is WILDDDDD.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Oct 18, 2023

A viral clip of a man trying to stop a moving car after an alleged hit-and-run has viewers comparing the chaos to an episode of The Office

“This guy pulled out and smashed this ladys car and it was a show after that,” TikTok user @skiz_fps captioned his viral video of the dramatic scene. By Wednesday, the video reached over 2.2 million views. 

@skiz_fps This guy pulled out and smashed this ladys car and it was a show after that 😂 #fyp #lol #viral #newyork #hitandrun ♬ original sound – 0_0

The video shows an older man in a blue shirt pushing against the moving car. At one point, the driver, eager to get on his way, yells out, “Just take a picture.”

An older woman then sticks her hands through the driver’s open window and tries to stop him from that angle. 

All the while, people in the background are screaming, “That’s a hit and run.” 

The woman eventually loses her grip on the window, while the man in blue starts to lose his shoe and is sent flying to the ground. 

With no one in his way, the driver flees the parking lot. 

A hit-and-run accident is a serious offense in which the driver involved in a car accident leaves the scene of the collision rather than staying and exchanging insurance information with the other driver(s). 

While the laws of a hit-and-run vary by state, potential penalties a person could face include misdemeanor or felony charges, imprisonment, and fines. The severity is drastically increased if a fatality occurs. 

While viewers were entertained by the video, many also believe that it was irresponsible of the man in blue to attempt to stop the moving car. 

“Risking your whole life for a dented bumper is WILDDDDD,” one user wrote. “Just take the picture and call police when backed into the car is hit and run,” another added. “Why would you put yourself at danger over a dent.” 

A third argued that the man in blue was never hit by the car. 

“That was not a hit and run that man tripped on his shoe,” they wrote. 

Since the entire scene was chaotic from start to finish, it reminded some viewers of an episode of The Office.

“This is like a scene from the office,” a user commented. 

“You can’t tell me this isn’t Andy in his Prius sneaking up and trying to hit Dwight,” another observed. 

In the season 3 “Fun Run” episode, Michael isn’t paying attention as he’s driving in the office parking lot and accidentally hits Meredith with his car, sending her to the hospital.

Another dramatic scene unfolded in the season 5 episode, “Stress Relief.” 

Dwight tests the safety readiness of his co-workers by setting off the fire alarm and tricking them into believing that they are trapped inside a burning building. Panic ensues after that, concluding with Stanley having a heart attack.

The Daily Dot reached out to @skiz_fps via TikTok comment. 

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*First Published: Oct 18, 2023, 5:37 pm CDT