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‘Every time you stand up you save a life’: White man says he was asked to quit his job after speaking out against racist co-worker

‘Racism is a life or death issue.’


Tricia Crimmins


A white TikToker says that he was forced to quit his job after he spoke out against a co-worker who made a racist comment.

In a TikTok posted on Aug. 11, @ftpx1312 says that he had given his job six weeks’ notice to find someone to replace him. He says a week after he gave notice, he overheard a co-worker saying something racist in a meeting. It’s unclear what the statement was.

The TikToker says he called out the comment and shortly after was told to quit or he would be fired.

He says that his employer found his TikTok account and that he was left without health insurance for himself and his family for two months after being asked to quit.

Severance packages (like severance pay and continued health insurance) are typically given to employees who have been fired, not those that have quit.

“So when it comes to racism and social justice issues that affect my Black and brown children, my Black partner, and my community, I will speak the way that I want to fuckin’ speak,” @ftpx1312 says in his TikTok, which on Thursday had over 470,000 views. “Racism is a life or death issue.”

@ftpx1312 Quick 3 minute story time and more about me. #fyp #foryou #racism #antiracism ♬ original sound – FTPx1312

Commenters on @ftpx1312’s video commended him for standing up to racism in his former workplace and for prioritizing doing so in all aspects of his life.

“Not many live what they preach. Your integrity & sincerity are rare – & appreciated,” @byug8r commented. “Thank you! you’re a great example to us all.”

“I’m sorry to hear about the bs you been through!” @pablothedon wrote. “Thank you for all you do.”

“I wish we could clone you,” @smile4nia commented. “Every time you stand up you save a life.”

Others offered advice about getting retribution after being allegedly fired for calling out racism at work.

“You should speak to an attorney!” @msmojazz850 commented.

“Professionally speaking, if you lose your job now, you may have an [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] claim,” wrote.

“You should definitely seek legal counsel about your previous job,” @ranyaebossladiee1 commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to @ftpx1312 via TikTok comment.

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