Little League coach walks out to mound to tell son he loves him

little league dad

Screengrab via The Big Lead

He just wanted to let his son know he’s doing a great job.

Get ready to involuntarily say “awwwwwww.”

Isaiah Jensen is a Little League pitcher, and his dad, Joel, is his team’s coach. During a recent World Series game against Italy, Papa Jensen came out to the mound, which in most baseball games means he was going to give the pitcher some advice. But Joel only wanted to tell Isaiah “I love you.”

Joel tells Isaiah he’s doing great, that he loves him “as a son and a player,” and that he’s only got to hang on in the game a little longer, which is certainly not the type of pep talk most pitchers get. 

Is it depressing that a father showing love for his son, what should be a pretty standard occurrence, is considered so newsworthy? Time to unpack the reasons for societal pressure against men showing emotion!

H/T The Big Lead

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