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This adult coloring book is just a bunch of British swear words

Swear-filled coloring book to be published following hugely successful Kickstarter.


Catherine Scott


The adult coloring book snowballed into an unavoidable trend this year. First came the Game of Thrones coloring book (given the show’s themes, definitely not one for children). Then there was the sweetly named Marvel coloring book for adults, “Color Your Own Age of Ultron.” Now Sarah Bigwood, a British artist, has decided to cut out any coyness and make one that is truly adult. 

It consists of nothing but swear words.

Marketed “for the days when only a big swear will do!” Bigwood’s book is awash with fucks, dicks, bullshit, and even a cock womble. Funded by a Kickstarter which raised roughly $19,000 in nine days, this 20-page collection of beautifully detailed profanity is the third coloring book that Bigwood has designed. Given that her previous two books were on the theme of Christmas and animals, respectively, it’s not surprising she describes this coloring book as “a bit less mainstream.”

Some of the swears may need translating for the non-U.K. patron, so to save a lot of Googling:

  • Wanker = A person who is overly fond of jerking off.
  • Fanny flaps = Labia.
  • Bollocks = Literally, testicles. Also used to imply something is nonsense, or to express dismay, e.g. “Bollocks, I think I just reversed over a nail.”
  • Bell end = The head of the penis. 
  • Knob cheese = Knob means penis. You can work out the rest.
  • Twat waffle = OK, even Brits are getting lost at this point.
  • Thunder cunt = Frankly, the mind boggles.

You can preorder your copy by pledging on Kickstarter. If you can’t wait that long, go to Sarah’s Etsy shop, Pixie Rah Designs, where you can digitally download a swear-laced coloring book or just individual curse words if you fancy.

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