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Here’s what happened to Justin Bieber’s pet monkey

There’s a happy ending.


Chase Hoffberger


Remember those days way back when Bieber had a Capuchin monkey, and that monkey’s name was Mally, and Bieber tried to smuggle Mally into Germany without the proper papers? That monkey’s still around. 

According to Hannah Cleaver, a contributor to animal-lovers hub the Dodo, Mally’s kickin’ it in the Serengeti Safari Park in Hodagen, Germany, a small town just a few hours north of Berlin, and he’s doing pretty great. He’s hanging around little houses on little islands within this lush, wild green space, and buddying up with this bear, who’s hanging harder than the rest.

Photo via the Dodo

There’s a lengthy account of Cleaver’s experience hanging with Mally, with a thorough look back on Mally‘s hectic life story, an extended rundown of his daily rigors, and a subtle jab at beastiality. (Comes late!)

“It’s safe to say he has forgotten Bieber, and that little if any memory remains of the time he spent as the pop star’s close companion,” Cleaver reports. 

Don’t we wish we could all say the same thing for ourselves?

Photo via Teendotcom/Tumblr

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