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‘They didn’t want anything but my snacks’: Woman sleeps through intruder eating bananas, smoking cigarettes in her apartment

'Sleeping beauty over here while all this is going down.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Jul 13, 2023

If you thought you were a deep sleeper, think again. 

A woman on TikTok says that she slept through an intruder breaking into her apartment, eating her bananas, and smoking cigarettes on her couch.

TikTok user Gracie (@gracie.mcura) put on a brave face as she detailed the strange string of events in her viral video, which by Thursday had been viewed more than 598,000 times. The Daily Dot reached out to her via TikTok comment. 

@gracie.macura BREAK IN VLOG 💕 #storytime #losangeles #la #citylife #grwm ♬ original sound – Gracie Mac

“Somebody broke into my apartment In Los Angeles last night. Let’s get into it,” she began in the video captioned “BREAK IN VLOG” with a heart emoji. 

After the self-confessed Sleeping Beauty shared that her bedroom and living room are in the same room, she showed where the intruder broke in. This was through the French doors in her kitchen, which now have a wooden panel installed for safety. 

Gracie said that her kitchen got the brunt of the damage. “They went through everything. Every one of these cabinets was open, my entire fridge was open,” she explained.

The hungry intruder ate five of her bananas and some oranges. But instead of leaving without a trace, they left the banana and orange peels everywhere. 

The “cherry on top” was that the intruder took one of Gracie’s jars of honey and smeared it on everything. This explained why the ground sounded so sticky when she stepped on it.

“So now I’m just lifting up things that are now covered in honey,” she said, showing how the intruder put honey on random objects, like a blue vase. She even found a banana covered in honey that was stuck to her sink.

Gracie again reminded viewers that she was asleep through this chaos. She didn’t even stir when the intruder moved to the living room, with her bed only a few feet away, and smoked cigarettes.  

“They ashed a cigarette out on my couch, still sound asleep,” she said with a forced smile. “Sleeping beauty over here while all this is going down.”

Miraculously, the intruder didn’t appear to steal anything. This is despite the fact that she had a laptop, iPad, Chanel necklace, and wallet right beside the couch. “Didn’t touch it, but put their dirty honey hands on it,” she shared before adding in amazement, “They didn’t want anything but my snacks.”

They did leave behind their own items, though. Gracie shared that a dog leash, a hoodie, underwear, pair of shorts, and stuffed animals were strewn across her apartment. 

She concluded her post by sharing footage of her discovering the aftermath the next day. Her voice was shaking as the camera showed a banana peel on the ground, the cigarette burnt out on the couch, and the French doors wide open. 

In the comments, viewers put on their detective hats to figure out who the intruder was. Since they didn’t steal anything, some viewers believe that it could be someone she knows.

“I feel like this has to be someone you know??? It sounds PERSONAL,” a woman commented.

“Someone you know. Glad you’re safe!” another added.

While some thought the intruder could have been an unhoused neighbor, many were initially convinced that the banana fiend was an animal. “At first I thought you were going to say it was a raccoon or a bear lol,” a person shared.

Another had the same thought. “Until you said they smoked cigarettes, i was convinced it was a pack of raccoons,” this person wrote with a laughing emoji. “Glad you’re ok!”

Meanwhile, other users lightened the mood by asking for tips from Gracie on how to become a deep sleeper. 

“Ok but do you have any tips on achieving such a deep sleep?” this person commented.

“i want one single nights sleep as deep as you lmao,” another added.

A third user stated that it was actually a blessing that Gracie remained asleep. “I think sleeping thru it was the best thing that could’ve happened (besides it not happening),” they wrote.

Those who have dealt with intruders said they know how Gracie is likely feeling. “When my apartment got broken into the worst part was definitely the thought of them going through all my stuff,” a woman wrote. “It’s such a violation,” she added.

Gracie also gave viewers an update on the intruder’s identity in the comments. “Ok so my apt manager got footage of him sneaking in behind a girl walking her dog…” she wrote. “HE HAD A STUFFED MONKEY AND BANANA WITH HIM WHEN HE CAME IN.”

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*First Published: Jul 13, 2023, 5:07 pm CDT