people riding in boat with caption 'POV: you take a 2 hour boat to the floating hostel in the middle of the ocean' (l&r) ocean hostel (c)


‘The spirit airlines of the sea’: Traveler takes 2-hour boat to hostel ‘in the middle of the ocean’

‘Bro just water boarding himself???’


Sarah Kester


Travel isn’t always glamorous. One TikToker recently showed herself being whipped in the face by water while on a two-hour boat ride to a floating hostel “in the middle of the ocean.”

The viral video was posted by TikTok user Jade (@wooahjadee). She was traveling to Casa en el Agua in Colombia, a popular tourist destination that translates to “House on the Water.” 

According to Go Travel and Talk, the journey takes about two hours by boat from the port of Cartagena.

@wooahjadee The sunglasses did nothing #casaenelaguacolombia #pov ♬ Water – Tyla

“POV: you take a 2 hour boat to the floating hostel in the middle of the ocean,” the text overlay read.

The video showed Jade and other travelers struggling to cover their faces from the water. One person covered their face with a towel, while another used a T-shirt. 

“The sunglasses did nothing,” she captioned the viral clip. The Daily Dot contacted Jade via email. 

The video was posted on Tuesday, and by Thursday, it had been viewed more than 2.2 million times.

Due to the unpleasant boat ride, commenters weren’t exactly eager to cross the destination off their bucket lists. 

“Bro just water boarding himself???” one user wrote. “The spirit airlines of the sea lmaooo,” another commented, referring to the budget airline.

Someone else wondered how senior citizens would handle getting sprayed by water at such high speeds. “Just imagining someonone 70+ on this boat lol,” a user wrote. 

Jade replied to the comment by sharing a video of an older gentleman struggling to cover his face from the water as the people around him laughed.

@wooahjadee Replying to @nikki.tyson ♬ original sound – Jade

Jade also uploaded a video of the hostel for curious viewers. It included several clips of the hostel during the day and night. There were people swimming in the ocean, people lounging around and drinking cocktails, and a shot of the food, which included a fresh seafood dinner.

@wooahjadee Replying to @Jordy ♬ Love's Theme – The Love Unlimited Orchestra

In the comments, some viewers wondered what the bathroom situation was like. According to a BuzzFeed writer who stayed at the hostel, the bathroom is like a port-a-potty. There are bucket showers open from 6 pm to 9pm.

For sleeping arrangements, guests have the option of sleeping in hammocks, private rooms, or the dorm-style bedroom.

After seeing the hostel up close, many viewers still weren’t impressed. 

“I’m going with no… not worth it,” this person wrote. 

“Knowing you have to get back on that boat at the end,” another commented. 

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