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‘I’m tired of these men acting sh*tty as f*ck’: Hooters waitress exposes man who gave her his phone number while dining with another woman

‘I don’t think you’re his mom.’


Allyson Waller


A man’s recent attempt to give a Hooters waitress his phone number seems to have backfired after a TikToker exposed him for sharing his number with her while out dining with another woman. 

In a recent video, which has now been viewed more than a million times, TikToker Jody Tavares (@jodylynntavares) shares that a man who appeared to be dining with his girlfriend wrote his number on a packet of wipes and handed it to her along with a tip at the end of the meal. 

“If you and your boyfriend went to the Stars game in downtown Dallas and came to the Hooters in downtown Dallas afterwards, and I was your waitress, I don’t know how the fuck your boyfriend pulled this off, but I’m going to expose him,” Tavares says.


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She then recites part of the phone number on the wipe packet.

“I’m tired of these men acting shitty as fuck, especially when you’re right there,” Tavares says, addressing the alleged girlfriend. “Because I don’t think you’re his mom.” 

In the comments section, Tavares revealed the man in question said the woman sitting with him was his sister—a statement commenters were quick to call into question. 

“But if it was his sister, why did he try to hide it? Why didn’t he just write it on a napkin or the receipt?” one commenter asked. 

Others came to the man’s defense. 

“My guess is that it was his sister. Sometimes my brother and I go places and people think the same thing,” a commenter said. 

“Did this at dinner with my sister one time and it never crossed my mind it was sus looking,” another person shared. 

Despite the outcome though, many applauded Tavares for alerting the woman of any alleged wrongdoing. 

“I wish all girls knew the code like this. Omg,” a commenter said. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Tavares via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message.

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