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Let’s hope the fearless feline is as good with a ball as she is with scaring off dogs. 

When Tara sprung into action to save her four-year-old owner from a vicious dog attack, she did it out of instinct and loyalty, not motivated by the hero’s treatment or title that would follow. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t lavishing in the purrrks. 

Dubbed the “hero” cat for actions of valor, Tara has been making the media rounds with her owners, the Triantafilos, after the video went viral earlier this week. The latest luxury she gets to lap up? The tabby has been tapped to throw out the opening pitch for minor league baseball team the Bakersfield Blaze at a game on May 20th. Tara and her owner adorable Jeremy will take the mound for the Class A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds to toss or paw out the ceremonial pitch. We’re hoping for the latter.

H/T: TMZ | Photo via: Inside Edition 

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