Man attempts to win back wife by waiting 44 hours for new iPhone

The iPhone 6 is available for sale today, and across the globe, people have been patiently waiting in line for the shiny new object. Some customers were so excited they immediately dropped the phone on the ground. Others, however, have a more heartbreaking story from the frontlines.

Accoding to U.K. news site SWNS, Darius Wlodarski got in line at the Bristol Apple store at 8am Wednesday morning, and waited 44 hours for the new phone. He explains that after 20 years of marriage, his wife left him a month ago, “because I wasn’t the best husband and father.” He’d promised her a new iPhone, however, and dutifully stood in line to fulfill his promise, in hopes that maybe she’d trust him again, even though he is currently unemployed, according to the Bristol Post

An iPhone has no doubt ruined a marriage, but can it repair one? That’s some heavy stuff to think about while in line waiting for your new information overlord. 

Screengrab via SWNS TV/YouTube

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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