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91-year-old woman has a beautiful story about why she cooks with marijuana

Delicious, nutritious, and important to her daughter’s health.


Patrick Howell O'Neill


This Italian grandma loves to cook for her daughter, but there’s a catch. She’s a master of marijuana cooking.

The story of 91-year-old Californian grandma named Aurora Leveroni—or “Nonna Marijuana”—is an excellent reminder of weed’s potential health benefits, Munchies reports.

Leveroni’s daughter Valerie found out that the best way to help her find relief from horrific epileptic seizures was weed. Nonna, an Italian grandma with all the incredible cooking chops you’d hope for, stepped up to the plate five years ago and began making incredible meals infused with marijuana to help her daughter.

Her first ever marijuana dish, and now her signature, is “a chicken cacciatore with onions, cremini mushrooms, black and green olives, and a dash of wine” that she calls “chicken pot-cciatore.”

“I like to cook with medical marijuana because I feel that it helps those who have been ill and have had to endure pain,” Nonna said. “I will use it if it helps anyone.”

Nonna doesn’t get high, she’s only in it to help other people.

Now, to help the many other people who find crucial medical relief in marijuana, Nonna makes how-to YouTube videos so you can bring a little Italian magic into your regimen.

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