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Glowy Zoey is back with a tricked-out ‘Frozen’ Halloween costume

She’s ba-a-ack.


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In 2013, Royce Hutain built an LED stick figure suit for his little girl. He filmed his 22-month old daughter wearing her costume and ever since she’s been known as Glowy Zoey.

This year Glowy Zoey is back and she’s dressed up as Elsa from “Frozen.” She even has a sweet ride.

In order to make Zoey’s glowing Elsa gown, Hutain used 250 LEDs and two power banks/portable phone chargers. And since his little princess couldn’t go around trick-or-treating without a tricked-out ride, he also lined her Jeep with LED lights.

Sorry Minions and Mickey Mouse, but Glowy Zoey’s light up princess gown can beat any popular Halloween costume by a landslide.

Seriously, though, does it come in adult size?

Check out Glowy Zoey’s 2014 costume:

‘Ok, bye!’

Image via YouTube/VisualBurrito

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