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Tinder now has GIFs so you can flirt without words

Sometimes an emoji just isn’t enough.


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Sometimes a “hey, how are you?” or a clapping-hands emoji just isn’t enough to accurately express how you feel. Sometimes, you need to say it with a GIF. Now you use your standard arsenal of animated images on Tinder, too, because the dating app has added GIF support. Why even use words anymore?


Tinder partnered up with Giphy—everyone’s go-to for a quick GIF—to help make communicating with a match a little less awkward. Oh, he made a funny joke? GIF. Oh, you frickin’ love Mexican food? GIF. Words may fail. But GIFs can always express the nuances of your emotions ever so perfectly.

But be warned, this new function cannot account for any potential arguments over the proper pronunciation of GIF that may follow.

Screengrab via Tinder/YouTube

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