Woman uses gasoline hack to disperse wasp nest


‘This is great until over time they become immune’: Woman uses gasoline hack to eliminate wasp nest

'This gave me an unreasonable sense of joy.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

A viral hack for getting rid of wasps has people fired up.

Known as the “gasoline trend” on TikTok, the hack involves taking a jar of gasoline and covering the glass’s mouth over a wasp nest. One by one, the wasps collapse from asphyxiation and die, falling into the pool of gasoline.

One of the first to share the hack was Kylie Gonzalez (@kyliejordan998).

“Excuse my husband’s foul mouth, will never get rid of wasp nest another way again!” Kylie wrote in the video caption.

@kyliejordan998 Excuse my husbands foul mouth 🤣 will never get rid of wasp nest another way again! #tiktokhacks #gasolina #wasp #fyp ♬ Back In Black – AC/DC

In her viral video, Kylie’s husband held a plastic cup that was a quarter full of gasoline. He then walked over to the nest and held the glass over it so that no air could come in. Viewers watched in awe as the wasps died and fell into the liquid like magic. 

Since wasps chase humans who run away or make frantic movements, and they sting, people were more than happy to give the hack a try. 

One person who documented their experience was TikTok user Joanna (@jojo11rsr). In her viral video that’s been viewed more than 15.6 million times, her husband attempted the hack on a wasp nest outside of their home.


♬ original sound – Joanna Vasquez

“Did the gasoline trend to take down the wasp nest,” the text overlay read. Within mere seconds of her husband bravely placing a glass jar over the nest, the wasps collapsed. There was only one wasp who stuck around for a few more seconds before, too, falling to its demise. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Joanna via TikTok comment. Commenters were encouraged after Joanna’s video showed that the gasoline trend worked for her.

“Because of this video I just spent 30 minutes looking at the other wasp and gasoline videos,” one user wrote.

“This is definitely my favorite trend to watch right now,” another added. “This gave me an unreasonable sense of joy,” a third satisfied user commented.

A fourth called the situation what it is: “That’s a murder scene,” they wrote.

On the flip side, there were some viewers who were worried that the wasps would grow immune to the gasoline and become even more powerful than before.

“This is great until over time they grow immune and allnof a sudden we have gas breathing mutant wasps,” a user commented.

This user brought up another terrifying scenario: “What if ONE manages to escape and stings you. Then the sting makes you drop the glass and then all the Wasps can now assemble and attack,” they wrote.

While the gasoline trend appears to work, there are some precautions that must be taken before trying it for yourself. First, handle the gasoline with care to prevent it from spilling. You may also want to wear gloves for extra protection. Second, ensure that there are no open flames nearby when you’re carrying it around (also a good idea to have a fire extinguisher around just in case).

Finally, dispose of the gasoline properly by taking it to a hazardous waste facility.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 3:43 pm CDT