Frostie, the Internet’s favorite goat, has passed

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The baby goat may have had a short life, but he inspired millions. 

In May, the Internet fell in love with an adorable baby snow goat named Frostie who arrived at the Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia with lice, dehydration, and an illness that left him disabled. The sanctuary nursed him back to health, but the goat still couldn’t use his hind legs. He was fitted with a wheelchair, and the video showing him finally able to move around with his new wheels quickly went viral. 

His Internet fame meant many were eager for updates on his progress, so when a new video emerged last week showing him able to walk without the wheelchair it was also quickly shared online. That joy was unfortunately cut short Monday when Edgar’s Mission posted news on Facebook that little Frostie passed away suddenly that morning. 

In the post, his caretaker Pam Ahern revealed that his death was due to spinal column abscesses, one of which was pressing against and compromising his rumen

The baby goat may have had a short life, but he inspired many, especially after last week’s video showing him up and out of his wheelchair.

The Internet shared his caretakers’ grief, expressing their condolences on social media.

“I am so sorry for your loss,” wrote Katherine Jannakas. “You both were so fortunate to have had each other, even for such a short amount of time. Thank you for caring so much for the animals.”



Ahern expressed her thanks for all the condolences in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“Your touching words give me great comfort knowing of the joy and inspiration he brought to your life and the profound imprint he has made in the hearts and minds of people everywhere,” she wrote. “If our life’s purpose can be measured by those we touch, Frostie did meet this goal admirably and indeed it was only a short time on this earthly coil he needed to do so. I will treasure forever that I was his special someone. ‘Cry not because it is over, smile because it happened.’”

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