Flower girl making out with ring bearer at wedding is the definition of #relationshipgoals

It was the ultimate diva move.


Marisa Kabas


Published Jun 18, 2015   Updated May 28, 2021, 1:26 pm CDT

Brides spend months planning their perfect day. So imagine if a precocious little flower girl upstaged you on this most momentous of occasions. 

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Anthony Palmer and Michelle Hall of Knoxville, Tennessee, asked Michelle’s four-year-old daughter Anderson to be their flower girl for their wedding. For most of the day, the little girl made it clear that the day was all about her, regardless of what other people thought.

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“She was calling herself the bride the whole day,” wedding photographer Leah Bullard told local news station KSDK

During the photo shoot, Anderson went full flower girl-zilla.

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“I was setting up the bridal party to take the bridal party photographs, like I do at every wedding, and so I took a few shots of that, and then I said, ‘Okay, I need the bride and groom to kiss.'” Bullard said. 

“So, when I said that, naturally…she thought I was referring to her, because she thought she was the bride and so naturally she just leaned in for a kiss and kissed that ringbearer!”

Photos and video show Anderson planting a big, wet one on Ike, the ring bearer.

“When momma kissed, Ikey and I kissed!! I was trying to get Ikey to kiss me” Anderson told KSDK.

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Congratulations to Anthony and Michelle on their nuptials. And, more importantly, congratulations to Anderson for being the biggest diva east of the Mississippi.

Screengrab via KSDK

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*First Published: Jun 18, 2015, 11:53 am CDT