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Bride and groom have lightsaber duel instead of first dance

May the force be with them.


Allison Keves


You’ve seen the typical viral wedding video where a couple dances to a romantic song and we all cry, or they pretend to slow dance and then bust out their best “Thriller”  dance moves and we all laugh. But we bet you’ve never seen a couple duel with lightsabers.

Newlyweds Robert and Rebecca are huge Star Wars fans, and for them, ’til death do us part means a lightsaber duel to the death—or until it’s time to cut the cake. 

Touching? No. Entertaining? Yes. If George Lucas dreamed up a wedding, we imagine it’d look something like this.

Congratulations, Robert and Rebecca! We wish you a lifetime of health, happiness and luck (even though there is no such thing as luck.) 

H/T Nerdist | Photo via Remmac/Flickr (CC 2.0)

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