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These #FeministXmasSongs will put you in the mood for festive equality

All I want for Christmas is equal pay.


Catherine Scott


If you ever thought that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” was a bit rapey, or felt that Mommy was being unnecessarily slut-shamed for kissing Santa Claus, then you should immediately check out #FeministXmasSongs on Twitter

God rest ye merry gentlepersons? Check. Jingle bell hooks? You got it. Funny but painfully relevant, the tweets highlight inequalities that tend to get brushed under the carpet during the festive season. So if you’re dreaming of an intersectional Christmas, this is the hashtag for you.

Started by feminist cartoonist Gemma Correll, the hashtag has captured the imagination of many online over the last 48 hours. “I started #FeministXmasSongs on a whim,” Correll told the Daily Dot in an email. “I decided to tweet the hashtag because I knew that the folks on Twitter would have some brilliant ideas, and I wanted to keep myself entertained on an unusually dark and rainy California evening.” 

After reading some of the ideas people came up with, you’ll never be able to hear Christmas classics the same way. Take this carol, for example:

Or this one:

So what would you ask for if you could get your feminist Christmas wishes granted? Here’s an idea:

Correll is no newcomer to promoting feminism through playful but apt means; her art regularly lampoons the ridiculous beauty standards foisted upon women by the media.

She’s working on her next project, a feminist coloring/activity book, and the idea for #FeministXmasSongs came to her as she was humming along to Christmas songs and working on it. The Feminist Activity Book will be published by Seal Press in 2016, and Correll promises it will contain “a mix of puzzles, drawing and coloring activities and games, all with a feminist theme, including a Body Positive Dress Up Paper doll, a sex toy coloring page, and All-Star feminist trading cards.”

Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer.

Photo via North Charleston/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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