woman explains theory that Britney Spears needs help in a TikTok


‘I think something is 100% wrong’: Fans concerned for Britney Spears’ safety after recent Instagram post

'I swear in a few years we will see a documentary about her life and how everyone failed her.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Dec 10, 2022

Fans have brought up concerns about the safety of Britney Spears following recent Instagram posts that they say are concerning.

In a video posted by Chelsea (@chelseyrayphoto,) the user stitches a video by another creator where they claim that Spears is not safe after a seemingly-suspicious birthday video on the pop star’s Instagram account. In the now-deleted birthday clip, her husband sings “happy birthday” while it seems that Spears is filming.

However, in the creator @fleegus159_barb’s overlay text, they write: “Ok I’m just gonna say it. Britney is not free. Or she’s already gone. WTF IS THIS?!?!: Where is she?!?! Why does this sound like they’re playing sound bits of her voice?!?!”

Chelsea stitches this video and claims that a prior video on Spears’ Instagram showed a hand gesture that raised concerns for her personally. However, it appears that the post referenced in the video is no longer available on Spears’ Instagram account.

“Um, who the fuck is that? Because it ain’t Britney,” Chelsea says in the video. “I, for one, think she has been gone since her honeymoon in Mexico, and I just now realized, the symbol for help when you’re on video and can’t say is this, the fist. She makes that fist in her Mexico video, where she’s talking, she makes that fist. That was the last video where anyone has ever seen her out and about or alive, so I think something is 100% wrong, and people need to wake the hell up. I also tried to go back to see that video on her page. The account has been deactivated.”

@chelseyrayphoto #stitch with @fleegus159_barb This woman has literally never been free. She’s either already gone or being held somewhere. This feels like a criminal minds episode. #freebritney #britneysnotfree #britneyspears ♬ original sound – chelseyrayphoto

Some viewers agree that they found the pop singer’s post-conservatorship behavior concerning.

“You can’t tell me that Britney Spears doesn’t go out to eat, shopping, on walks, etc. after finally being ‘freed’ but yet it appears she doesn’t…ever,” one commenter wrote.

“She’s doing all this traveling apparently but where’s any of the paparazzi pics?” another commenter wrote.

“Like how has NOONE seen her?” a commenter wrote. “No paparazzi, no friends come out and say they just saw her, no one EXCEPT Sam?”

Others, however, approached the situation with hefty skepticism.

“She was at Nobu just a few days ago,” one commenter wrote. “People actually made a lot of fun of the way she looked. I think people just need to stay out of her business.”

“I don’t like people saying she’s dead maybe she’s in treatment and her voice is coming out of the phone,” another commenter wrote.

“What if she just doesn’t want to be seen anymore?” a commenter wrote. “Like she might be pulling a Mary-Kate and Ashley.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @chelseyrayphoto for comment regarding the video via Instagram direct message as well as to representation for Spears via email.

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*First Published: Dec 10, 2022, 3:08 pm CST