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‘The Eras tour is usually our safe space’: Woman gets sexually harassed while buying merch at Taylor Swift concert

‘That made me feel gross.’


Tricia Crimmins


A woman says she was sexually harassed by a merch employee at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Los Angeles.

Alicia Philadelphia says in a TikTok posted on Saturday that when she was buying a T-shirt at the Eras Tour, a man working at the merch table made an inappropriate comment to her about the size of her breasts.

In a video with over 10,000 views, Philadelphia says that pieces of merchandise at the stadium were marked with letters and she asked for a shirt that was marked “D.”

“Do you mean double Ds?” the merchandise employee said to Philadelphia.

Philadelphia says she laughed in the moment to not bring attention to the inappropriate comment but that it was ” kinda messed up.”

“Of all places, a Taylor Swift concert? You’re gonna say that to me?” Philadelphia says in her TikTok. “That made me feel gross. And it made me feel like I needed to cover up when I was literally covered.”

@aliciaaphilly do better pls! taylor would not approve #erastourtaylorswift #laerastour #taylorswift #storytime ♬ original sound – leesh

Many commenters tagged Swift and SoFi Stadium, where she performed in Los Angeles, in the comments of Philadelphia’s video. (The Daily Dot reached out to Alicia Philadelphia, SoFi Stadium, and Swift’s management team.)

“This is disgusting behavior and needs [to be] addressed for the remaining shows,” @nevermissabeat26x13 commented, alongside tags of both accounts. “The Eras tour is usually our safe space.”

“Whoever this was should no longer be working at these shows,” @supershrimp wrote, also tagging Swift and the stadium. “This is se*ual harassment.”

Many other commenters agreed that the man’s behavior at the merch table amounted to sexual harassment, and extended sympathy and support to Philadelphia.

In 2015, Swift herself sued a man for sexual assault after he groped her in 2013. She won her case in 2017 and was awarded $1—which was all she asked for from the man.

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