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‘Sounds like a real toxic place to work’: ‘Good employee’ says she was fired for being 2 minutes late

'I think you dodged a bullet!'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Feb 8, 2023

A woman on TikTok says she was fired from her brand new job after she showed up to work two minutes late.

The TikToker (@merzog1992) posted a teary-eyed explanation of what happened. As of Wednesday, the video garnered about 110,000 views.

In the video, the TikToker explains that she started the new job on a Wednesday and was fired the following Friday. The job was located in the suburbs about 20 minutes from her home, and she really liked it, she says.


is this a fucking joke

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The TikToker says she’s “normally really punctual” to her work and never shows up late. She felt especially mindful of punctuality when starting the new job, adding that she’s a “good employee.”

However, she forgot her phone on Friday and had to return to her home to grab it. The TikToker says she was “freaking out” because she didn’t want to be late. She got to work and was at her desk by 8:32 a.m.—two minutes later than scheduled.

When she showed up late, her boss reportedly told her, “You can’t be late in your first week. You’re fired.” The TikToker says she didn’t believe her employer at first and responded, “You’re joking,” because she thought he was pranking her.

He wasn’t joking.

“So I got there—again, just to reiterate—at 8:32, and they fired me,” the TikToker says in her video. “I’m angry, and I’m shocked, and I’m hurt, especially just because that’s not who I am.”

The worker shakes her head, emphasizing that no one at the company gave her any warning that she would be fired if she showed up late at all.

“If anyone has any words of encouragement, I’m really struggling right now,” the TikToker says at the end of her video.

Several viewers did offer words of encouragement, and some added that her termination could be a blessing in disguise.

“Sounds like a real toxic place to work at. Consider it a blessing. You’ll find something way better,” one viewer commented.

“I think you dodged a bullet! I can’t even imagine how they treat their long term employees if they fire a new hire for being 2 minutes late,” another user said.

Others commented that their own jobs have a “grace period” after employees are technically supposed to clock in—they said the TikToker’s job should have had one. too.

“You deserve better. My job has a 10minute grace period after your shift starts,” one user said.

Another user wrote, “This comment section is crazy! Usually there is a 10-15 minute grace period.”

A further commenter pointed out that new employees are more likely to be late than more senior employees, “In all honesty, I’m more likely to be late the first week than ever. It takes a bit to figure out best routes and leave times [shrug emoji].”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2023, 12:47 pm CST