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Your Emoji-scopes for March 2019

Relax, find a safe space, and chill this Pisces season.


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Posted on Mar 1, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 6:02 pm CDT

Please note: These horoscopes, like emojis, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

As March begins, we dive into the depths of Pisces season. Pisces is an emotional, watery sign concerned with dreams, visions, and the subconscious. It’s normal to feel a little spacey or scattered right now. And with Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces on the 5th, things could feel like they’re moving at a much slower pace this month. Try not to let any delays frustrate you.

Whatever your sign, this month is a good time to look at the ways we rest and recharge. Mercury retrograde is known for throwing curveballs and wreaking havoc on our best-laid plans. But it can also be the perfect time to tune into spaces and experiences that feel gentle and safe. On the 28th, when Mercury stations direct, the Sun will be in fiery, action-oriented Aries and it will be full speed ahead. So savor that final winter’s nap while you can.

Pisces: 🔮🚪😰🚮😎

Your intuition may be heightened this month. If a door opens to your past, don’t be afraid to explore what comes up. You may learn valuable lessons about who you are and where you’re going from who you once were and where you’ve been. You may feel nervous about making this journey to the past because you have a tendency to get swept away by big tides of emotion. Rest assured that visiting the past does not mean you have to live there again. You are simply being given the opportunity to see things with greater clarity so that you can release any patterns that no longer serve you and your emotional well-being. This month, let go of any self-doubt and embrace your emotional gifts. You have a powerful sense of what fuels you and others, and of what creates harmony and what creates chaos. Give yourself credit for all of your emotional bravery, and, when you’re ready to move forward, you’ll do so with a renewed sense of confidence.

Aries: 🐣🐂🏆🙋🌟

This month could be transformative for you. Your ruler, Mars, stationed in hard-working Taurus, will form a harmonious Trine to Pluto, stationed in in-it-to-win-it Capricorn. These practical earthy signs may open up new avenues of stability and support for you and everything you’d like to accomplish. What once felt like roadblocks to you might suddenly feel like key components of your success. You love to take risks and you approach opportunities with big bursts of energy, but right now you could find yourself presented with options that require smaller, consistent displays of effort. Typically, this would frustrate you, but you may find that right now these routines offer you a bit more ease. Don’t shy away from putting in the work this month. If someone asks for assistance with a small, purposeful project, jump in there! And don’t be afraid to lean into any moments of course-correction or upheaval. You’ll get glowing results.

Taurus: 😴🍲⚡💃🎉

Action, excitement, adventure! Has life been more dramatic than usual lately? Typically, you probably enjoy the many opportunities winter offers you to rest and fill up on hearty meals, snuggles, and decadent binge-watching. But these days, the world may be compelling you to come out and play. If you are feeling an urge to move your body and leave your cocoon, embrace it. Likewise, if startling news or dramatic events are shaking up your routines, don’t fret about managing the chaos. Instead, welcome these changes as an opportunity to feel freedom and release. You don’t have to hold it together for everyone all of the time. You’re allowed to shake things up and have some fun.


There is such a thing as too much thinking, and you of all the signs certainly know that. But this month you’ll need to observe your thoughts and how they rule your emotional life. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in deeply sensitive Pisces. This is an opportunity to get in touch with how you feel, and how your thoughts fuel those feelings. Are there stories you’re narrating that do you more harm than good? Mercury will also form a pleasant sextile to Saturn on the 15th, giving you the opportunity to step into your power. Think of yourself as a scientist conducting experiments on your own brain. If you’re willing to observe your thoughts, instead of letting them rule you, you may discover new patterns that make you feel more capable and more resilient than you thought possible.

Cancer: 😩🌹😶🗣️💞

Moody much? It’s not easy being ruled by the changeable moon, and this month, with a new moon in sensitive Pisces and a full moon in romantic Libra, you’ll definitely be feeling all of the feels. You have a tough exterior and when you feel most vulnerable, you tend to clam up and go within. But this month, it’s important for you to connect and open up. It’s easy for you to be gentle and nurturing with others, but harder for you to trust and let others nurture you back. Let the full moon in Libra guide you to a place of greater balance. Express appreciation for those friends and lovers who know how to love you. Let yourself be held by those who know how to hold you. Instead of focusing on any relationships where your needs haven’t been met, see what happens when you welcome in more effortless exchanges of give-and-take. And if those partnerships haven’t appeared yet, take some time to reflect or journal about the relationship of your dreams. Then dare to dream it can come true.

Leo: 📚😕❓🤓🤗

With your ruler Sun square Jupiter for much of the month, you may feel a push-and-pull between what you’re learning and who you are—or who you’d like to be. As a Leo, your sense of self is paramount. It plays a huge role in how you interact with others, especially in how you give and receive love. But this month, you’ll face challenges that ask you to step outside a narrow sense of self. You may encounter people or experiences that present you with new ideas. Try not to feel threatened by anything that runs counter to how you’ve been perceiving yourself or your world. Idealizing the past, especially notions of who you’ve been or times when life was “better,” won’t get you anywhere. But opening up to new adventures will. You’re blossoming into a sunnier version of who you’ve always been. Embrace your ever-changing self and you’ll feel more like yourself than you ever have before.

Virgo: 📅🌪️🛠️💆💖

You love to plan, plan, plan. But this month, your ruler Mercury is in your opposite sign of Pisces and it’s stationed retrograde. So yes, things may get messy. But before you grab your cleaning supplies, get in touch with what you’re hoping to accomplish. Pisces has some key lessons for you about the importance of what you feel and how you feel it. What feelings are you avoiding when you focus on meticulous tidying up? Creating order is valuable, but feeling the messier feelings that surface when things don’t go your way is valuable too. Do you need a good cry? Or a laugh? Or maybe just a hug? Before you jump into perfectionistic fix-it mode this month, consider that maybe you don’t need fixing. You’ve probably built a lot of your self-worth around the ways in which you are dependable. But this month, it’s important for you to embrace any perceived imperfections. People love you for your attentive and thoughtful nature, but what would happen if you let them love the parts of you that are a little bit messy, too?

Libra: 🚀🏢😤👍👎

Your ruler Venus is stationed in freedom-loving Aquarius this month, and it’s square Mars in self-serious Taurus. This may result in you wishing you could blast off into space and break free from expectations, but feeling blocked by your daily responsibilities and obligations. Instead of huffing and puffing at the injustice of it all, consider the role you’ve played in creating these blocks. What do you say yes to, in terms of work or obligations to others, that you don’t actually have an interest in showing up for? What would it feel like to channel all that devoted energy into projects and relationships that feel expansive and freeing? You can get the space you crave this month, but you won’t achieve it by flaking or running away. Do the work of being honest about what you do and do not want to show up for, and your seemingly narrow world will open right up.

Scorpio: 🌌🌱🐌⌛🚜

You are always pondering the mysteries of the universe, but this month offers you the chance to get very practical and very real. With your ruler Pluto in practical Capricorn forming a harmonious trine to Mars in dependable Taurus, this is an excellent time to take any mystical lessons you’ve learned and apply them to your life in meaningful, enduring ways. Whether it’s a new meditation routine, or a new approach to your work life, this is a wonderful time to reflect on how you can plant seeds of change that will be long-lasting. There is no sign that is more emotionally resilient than Scorpio, but you have a tendency to be nostalgic for your own pain. Make sure you aren’t romanticizing any drama from the past. Instead, use what you’ve learned from these powerful experiences to propel you forward. With mercury stationed retrograde for much of the month, your exterior world may seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, but this time is precious. Get your house in order and dispose of any outdated patterns of thinking and feeling, so that when things are ready to move again—and they will be, come the end of the month—you will be too.

Sagittarius: 🏃🚧🌎🔌👁️

Go go go, could be your life’s motto. You’ve got a lot of energy and you’ve never had a lot of patience. But this month you’ll have to learn how to manage your spirited energy when roadblocks come your way. Optimism is wonderful, but blind optimism will get you nowhere fast. Instead of ignoring or breezing past upsets, the Sun in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius asks you to think about the big picture. You have a strong sense of self, but Pisces knows that all things are connected and there is a lot we can learn when we let go of our egos. If things go “wrong” this month, it will likely be due to circumstances beyond your control. But those circumstances are realities that you should pay attention to. Instead of worrying about marching full speed ahead to victory, use this as an opportunity to see where you fit and where you don’t. If you can’t plug into one source of power, there may be another that’s a much better fit. Likewise, make room for viewpoints that differ from your own. You can work in harmony with more people when you take off your blinders and widen your point of view.

Capricorn: 🛌🏕️📱💕😌

You’ve been going through so many transformations lately you may feel like simply crawling into bed and not rejoining the world for a few months. It’s OK to get the rest and space you need this month, but if you feeling like running away to the woods, don’t cut yourself off from the world completely—or leave your dear friends on read. There’s a fine line between restorative rest and isolation, and this month is about connecting with yourself and others. Mid-month, your ruler, Saturn in Capricorn, will be opposite the North Node in Cancer. This could present important lessons about how you share power and how you express emotion. If conflicts arise, whether internally or with others, pay attention to what creates friction. Would you rather be in charge or would you rather be cared for? You might find that when you let down your defenses, and open up to sharing your power, you actually have more influence. Likewise, a little bit of emotional expression can go a long way. You don’t have to have all the answers. A feeling can just be a feeling and be expressed without analysis. See what happens when you soften up.

Aquarius: 🔨🌄🛀🍰🌺

Your ruler Uranus moves into diligent Taurus this month. This could be an excellent time for you to consider where you are dedicating your long-term efforts. You are naturally forward-thinking; it’s not hard for you to imagine a different or better tomorrow. But this month, you need to consider the daily, committed work you’re willing to do to get there. This is also an excellent time for you to reconnect with your senses. All work and no play might get you to certain goal posts, but what good is success if you’re too depleted to enjoy it? Do things that bring you back down to earth and into your body, whether it’s a luxurious bath, a decadent dessert, or a new perfume—treat yourself to things that remind you to be present in your body. Make room for slow, sweet pleasures this month. Your body, your mind, and your coworkers will be much happier once you do.

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*First Published: Mar 1, 2019, 6:30 am CST