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Your Emoji-scopes for April 2019

Aries season is not here to play.


Nayomi Reghay


Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to Aries season! The ram loves to have fun and get moving, but this year she did not come to play. Get ready for a big, fiery burst of energy, and sudden influxes of information (bye-bye, Mercury Retrograde!). Depending on your mood and personal pace, this season could feel like a welcome relief from all the sloggy grief of Pisces season. It could also feel like too much too fast. Remember to take time for getting centered and settled.

If you’re an Aries, happy birth season to you! You in particular will probably revel in the fresh upbeat energy that abounds this month. But don’t get carried away with too much doing. Even you need rest. Look before you leap, and take aim before you shoot any arrows at your desired targets.

It’s possible for almost everyone to get a whole lot done right now. Whether it’s building a business, finding romance, or good old fashioned partying, opportunities abound this month. But the results will only be worthwhile if we make efforts to apply all this boundless ram energy in meaningful, focused ways. Instead of making headway in 15 different areas of your life, right now it’s best to pick a path that needs your love and attention. Focus on it, and forge full speed ahead.


Notable transits:

Mercury in Pisces will be sextile Pluto in Capricorn this month. This is a time when we all may be prone to do deeper thinking, especially investigations of truth. We might examine how powerful people wield their power, and how those choices help or hinder the greater good. We might uncover secrets or discover hidden motives. But it will be important not to jump to conclusions! We should not force or impose our will on others. Throwing your weight around this month (even if it’s in the service of what you believe to be truth and justice) will only yield chaotic results. Instead, it’s best to pay careful attention to power dynamics and engage in thoughtful discussions while setting firm personal boundaries. Mercury in Pisces can make us messy, or it can make us soft and non-threatening. If we lean into the gentle side of this energy, we may persuade powerful people in our lives and in the world to make important changes.


Aries 🌞👍💊💡✍️

Ooh, baby, it is your time to shine! The sun is beaming down on you and you are loving it! With your ruler, Mars, forming many favorable aspects this month, you may be amazed at how many opportunities and yeses are coming your way. This month could also offer you valuable medicine for healing old wounds. If find yourself getting bursts of inspiration, don’t forget to slow down and write down your big, bold ideas. As the sun shifts into Taurus season at the end of this month, you’ll want to put all you’ve learned to work. You’ll probably encounter an opportunity or two that challenges you. Don’t imagine these are roadblocks. They’re simply chances to see which of your ideas can get the tangible results you yearn for.


Taurus ⚠️🚫🎠🌱💗

This month, you may feel a booming sense of urgency. But the harder you push, the more roadblocks you’ll find. Frustrating as this may be, you’ll do best to go along for the ride, even if it feels more like a carousel than the direct flight you’d prefer. That’s because this month isn’t about your destination, it’s about growth. It’s OK to vent your frustrations regarding all these dead ends, but you’ll feel more at ease if you can open to the possibility that everything coming your way is in fact designed for your growth. Instead of focusing on forced outcomes, see if you can stretch yourself to respond to challenges in ways that nurture you rather than defeat you. Even if all you get is a heart that can hold more of what you feel, that will be something to celebrate.


Gemini 💞🌩️🤔👣💪

This month offers you as much harmony as it does friction. You may simultaneously feel like you’ve come so far and still have so much to learn. But if anyone’s equipped to believe several things at once, it’s you. Try not to get too in your head, especially if you’re feeling prone to self-criticism. Instead, turn your thoughts to simple actions you can take to continue growing in one or two (let’s be real, no Gemini has ever chosen just one thing and been satisfied) ways that feel most important to you. Whether your concern is your relationships, your career, or all of the above, this month wants you to trust that you are getting stronger all the time.


Cancer ⏰🐓😎💖💐

Wake up, sleepy moon baby! This month the alarm clocks and roosters will be crowing in your ear to plant seeds of action. The new moon in Aries on the 5th gives you the perfect chance to shed any doubts you have about your ability to assert yourself. Sure, you may still have your insecurities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the things that make you feel cool and confident. The full moon in Libra on the 19th invites you to bask in the loving glow of your partnerships. If you’re unpartnered, this month still wants you to step into the warmth of romance. So buy yourself a bouquet, light those candles, and be your own dream come true.


Leo 💻🌴😰👁️✳️

This month you’re torn between work and play. You may find yourself daydreaming about vacation while working, and fretting about how much work needs to be done whenever you manage to get outside and play. It’s possible to strike a balance, but it will take effort. Instead of focusing on whatever you feel you don’t have enough of right now, your best bet is to keep showing up for the present moment. Can you find a little more light and beauty in spaces that sometimes seem oh-so-gray? Can you give yourself the gift of showing up fully for friendships and fun even when you know your desk awaits you? If you can focus on being exactly where you are this month, eyes wide open, a little more light will find you.


Virgo 🕷️💆🏹💥🔮

Right now your spidey senses may be tingling. You tend to base your decisions in fact and apply yourself in careful, measured ways. But you also possess a powerful intuition and the planets are lighting it up this month. If you’ve got a hunch that a job, a friend, or a destination could provide a powerful connection or opportunity for you, you’re probably right on the money. This month the stars want you to shoot your shot! At the end of the month, take some time to review your dreams. Check off all the ones you’ve already made come true and remind yourself that you may be known as a taskmaster, but you are also several parts dynamite and magic.


Libra ⛔🌠🙅👐🎊

As the month begins, you may face many little challenges that add up to a bigger feeling of being stuck. At the same time, your dreams will be heightened. You will probably feel clearer than ever about what you want and what you want no part of. Mid-month, once you’ve taken stock of your dreams, you’ll benefit from using them to set firm boundaries. This month does not want you to people please, even if you happen to be very, very good at that. When the full moon occurs in your sign on the 19th, you may notice some of your dreams finally coming to fruition. Welcome your blessings and let go of any scenarios that haven’t played out as you would’ve liked. You can’t always get what you want, but the more you make peace with your disappoints, the more you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonderful surprises that the stars have in store for you as the month winds down.


Scorpio ℹ️🤯⏳🌅💌

This month your ability to gather the information you need to make transformative decisions is heightened. You may even feel like you’ve got a bit of information overload. Don’t panic, though. Think of your brain as a stomach. Give it time to digest all the new ideas and revelations coming your way. It will sort out what you need and what you don’t in due time. Meanwhile, carve out space for beauty and relaxation. You may not be getting all the attention you want this month, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of secret admirers. Keep an eye on your inbox. You won’t want to miss it when someone special sends you a hello.


Sagittarius ↪️📚💎⛏️🛣️

This month, your ruling planet Jupiter stations retrograde on April 10. You love the feeling of forward momentum, so you’ll likely resist this turn of events. But see if you can apply the same gusto and enthusiasm you have for spontaneous journeys to going back and reflecting on all that you’ve learned. This can be its own big adventure. Go back to your books. Polish up all the gems of truth you’ve discovered. See if there are any you left in the dirt. And if you find you absolutely must give your attention to the future, feel free to review all those great escapes you’ve been planning. Fine tune the details (you dread this, but it’s necessary). When you’re ready to roll again, the ride will be all the more smooth and joyous.


Capricorn 🗣️💓🚵💗🤗

You may find it’s easier for you to communicate your feelings this month. Use this to your advantage. You may want to have important conversations with people who matter to you, or who you might simply find yourself sharing your emotions more freely and more regularly. In either case, this month is a time to be more trusting and more vulnerable than your usual stoic self. There may be small challenges mid-month, but they pale in comparison to all of the love that wants to flow your way. Your biggest challenge will simply be to remain open. Let love in this month, and trust that more of it is on the way.


Aquarius 🗒️🧘‍♀️ 🤑💔📝

This month is demanding you to buckle down and stick to a few key routines. You are easily bored by daily rhythms, but know that creating to-do lists actually allows you to build in some flexibility and achieve some of that inner peace you’ve been craving. Trust that your diligence will pay. You may also find yourself challenged by your romantic interests this month. Maybe you feel misunderstood, or your odd-ball displays of affection are flying over your loved one’s head. Be patient with yourself and with others. You may need to go back to the drawing board and translate your style of affection to suit those around you who have, well, simpler preferences than you. But if you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded ten-fold.


Pisces 👄👑👂🔍🎗️

Communication is key for you this month. Now that the long haze of last month’s retrograde has lifted, you’ll have opportunities to communicate your thoughts and visions far more clearly. Make sure you listen to your audience, though. You may have some powerful allies right now, but you’ll only know how much they can help you if you take stock of their goals and are careful to see how they best align with your own. You may not be able to save the whole world in one fell swoop, even if you’d really love to, but you can make serious headway right now if you streamline your efforts. Remember, being strategic is not the same thing as being deceitful. You don’t have to share all the details of your biggest dreams with every potential ally who crosses your path. But you can pick up some serious support if you tailor your messages to suit both your needs and those of the folks you’re attempting to recruit for your cause.

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