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Woman pretends to be drunk in public to see how men react

It goes even worse that you might expect. 


Ramon Ramirez


Here’s a social experiment with a disturbing premise: A woman acts drunk while walking around Hollywood Boulevard as a hidden camera films the men who approach her. The results are even worse than you might expect. 

Four of the five men featured in the clip made an attempt to steer the (not actually) drunk woman to their homes—not toward the bus she was asking for or a cab. No one called the cops. Four of the five men saw an opportunity to coerce this woman and pounced on the chance to lure her home. It’s fair to presume what might have happened after that. 

Granted, it’s not the most scientific of experiments, but the video does raise some serious red flags and shows the real danger women face on the street—extending a conversation started by that now-ubiquitous catcalling video

Total Frat Move posted the video earlier today, and its commentary was almost as alarming the video itself. “I’m not sure what this chick expected to find out in this social science experiment, but about 95% of America saw this coming,” the author wrote. 

The fact that the woman was a “tall, hot brunette” does not excuse, or really have anything to do with, the men’s actions.

Update 9:54pm CT, Nov. 12: The video was reportedly staged

H/T Total Frat Move | Screenshot via Stephen Zhang/YouTube

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