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Prankster fakes a coma to get a friend to quit drinking

Could this actually work?


Michelle Jaworski


A prank can have a whole new meaning when its intent is for more than just the views.

YouTube star Tom Mabe, of Mabe in America, was tired of his friend Dennis’s drinking habits. Over the years, he had acquired five DUIs, and Mabe figured there were plenty of times that Dennis drove drunk and never got caught.

Talking to Dennis hadn’t worked, so maybe becoming the victim of a cruel prank would.

After another night of drinking and passing out in his car, Dennis was brought to an office transformed to look like a hospital room. And when he eventually woke up, the doctors came in and told him he had been in a coma for 10 years after getting into a car accident while drunk.

Dennis had a look of panic when he asked about his daughter, but when Mabe finally revealed the prank with a fury of slaps, he didn’t appear to have any guilt about driving drunk. It’s unclear if he actually learned anything from it or frightened enough by what could happen to stop driving under the influence.

While it may convince some people not to get behind the wheel drunk this holiday season, others felt that this won’t have any effect on Dennis at all—and he might not even be aware that he could harm others.

And even the delivery method was in itself harmful.

“By telling drunk drivers that they are filth who are bound to reoffend is a very serious mistake,” whoiskey wrote. “Care should be taken, as these individuals will almost always be put back into society, to help and encourage them to lead better lives. They are lost, and only a dickhead would tell a lost traveler to go fuck themselves.”

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