TikToker says Domino's delivery man refused to leave her house.

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‘I would freak out’: Woman says Domino’s delivery driver left her ‘scared’ after refusing to leave her home

'That’s so scary!!!'


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Posted on Jan 18, 2023   Updated on Jan 24, 2023, 12:32 am CST

These days, ordering food online is a pretty seamless experience. You can order delicious grub straight from your phone and most restaurants give you the option of contactless delivery (introverts, rejoice!). 

This gives delivery drivers no reason to stick around your door—unless they want a bigger tip. But one woman says she had a scary experience when her Domino’s delivery driver refused to leave her home. 

In her now-deleted video, the TikToker, Bella, shared that her experience ordering pizza from Domino’s was disastrous from start to finish. She described the first pizza she ordered as “sticky and cold.” She says there were pieces missing from the middle, a hair in the pie, and cheese tossed to one side. 

“What happened to it? It’s literally a war crime,” the TikToker said. “It is criminal what I just opened.” 

Since the food was inedible, she called on Domino’s to make things right. She said the worker who took her order wasn’t happy about making a new pizza and, as it turned out, neither was the delivery driver. 

Bella recounted how the delivery driver stood outside at her door, refusing to hand over the second pizza unless she met him in person. “I live by myself, I’m not coming,” she explained.  

She politely asked the driver to leave the pizza on her doorstep through her door speaker. “I’m like, ‘Hey, can you just set it down, please. I cannot come to the door.” But instead of listening, she said that the driver replied, “I can, but I’m not going to.” 

This put them in a very awkward stalemate. After Bella became more insistent that he leave the pizza, he dropped it on her doorstep. He didn’t relent completely, though. Instead, he stood with his arms crossed against his chest for at least five minutes. 

Fearing for her safety, Bella called Domino’s and asked for the name of the delivery driver. 

“Why does he want to kill me?” she recalled. “Like, what the fuck is going on. I asked him to leave, he’s refusing to leave.” The workers declined to give the name and stated that per Domino’s policy, the driver isn’t allowed to leave a customer’s home unless they physically see the customer. 

“And I’m like, ‘that is not the policy,” Bella said. “You have a contactless delivery option.” With the conversation going nowhere, the person on the phone suggested that she go outside and hung up the phone. 

The whole experience left Bella feeling apprehensive. “I felt scared. He wouldn’t leave my house.” It’s even left her wondering if a “Domino’s mafia” exists. “Posting this in case the dominos mafia wipe me out,” she wrote in the text overlay of her viral video. 

At first, commenters offered sympathy toward Bella and her situation. 

“I’m a manager at domino’s and let me tell you If one of my drivers did that I would freak out, like no,” one wrote. “I am so sorry you had that experience.”

Another tagged Dominos and wrote, “That’s so scary!!! Wth!????”

“Who hurt those employees,” observed a third. 

Some viewers, however, stated that the store likely wanted the mistake pizza back. “He probably wanted u to look at the pizza to make sure it looked ok since it was a remake and the driver isn’t making money on remakes,” a user commented. 

A former delivery driver even weighed in: “As a former pizza delivery girl, we are expected to take the mistake pizza back before leaving the new one so that we can make sure the customer isn’t.” 

Some users demanded a follow-up to Bella’s story. She delivered this by showing a photo of the tragic first pizza. It looks as bad as she described. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Domino’s via email and Bella via TikTok comment.

Update 11:32pm CT, Jan. 23: The TikToker’s name and image have been removed from this article to protect her privacy.

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2023, 12:54 pm CST