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‘I’m a delivery driver and this is my worst fear’: Domino’s driver gets their car stolen during delivery

'Using the pizza tracker's a smart idea.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Dec 19, 2022

A Domino’s Pizza customer says her delivery order didn’t go as planned when her driver’s car got stolen during her delivery.

The customer, Kristen Fellows (@kk_fellows), posted a TikTok video Saturday explaining what happened during the delivery. In the video, she says her partner Ben went outside to meet the delivery driver, who exited her car to deliver the pizza. As she left the car, Fellows says the driver locked the doors and took the car key with her because the vehicle had a push-to-start button.

As the driver handed Ben the pizza, Fellows claims a stranger in a ski mask came out of “nowhere,” hopped in the car, slammed the door shut, and drove away. The TikToker says she heard “screeches” as the incident happened and went outside to help.

Fellows and Ben allegedly called the police for the driver because her phone was still inside her stolen vehicle. Fellows says the driver logged into Instagram using one of their phones and was able to get ahold of a co-worker and manager. The Domino’s manager reportedly attempted to track the stolen car using the Domino’s pizza delivery tracker, but it’s unclear from the video if their idea was successful. Fellows says Baltimore Police arrived and even sent out a helicopter to try to track the vehicle.

The TikToker does not say whether the stolen car was recovered in the video.

“I literally felt so bad for this woman, and she was just so calm and so freaking sweet,” Fellows says of the delivery driver.

@kk_fellows Dominos delivery gone wrong #storytime ♬ original sound – Kristen Fellows

Several viewers commented on the video, giving props to the Domino’s manager for thinking to use the pizza tracker.

“That pizza tracker can be pretty accurate!,” one viewer commented.

“UIsing the pizza trackers a smart idea lol,” a second wrote.

A third said, “I deliver for dominos and my biggest fear! But that tracker is top notch!”

Some viewers doubted that the car thief could have gotten far in a push-start car without the key fob, which Fellows says the Domino’s driver still had.

“Huh. the push to start I had as a rental would shut off if the key went 20 ft away,” one TikTok user said.

Another user wrote, “if it’s push to start and the driver had the fob the car didn’t go far.”

“I wonder if she would hit the fob button for turn on if it would turn off during drive. my car does it when it’s parked but never tried during driving,” someone else commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Domino’s via email.

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*First Published: Dec 19, 2022, 5:00 pm CST