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National Best Friends Day is a great excuse to post these cute dog-buddy videos

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Mary Emily O'Hara


What a week. Between the ugly Stanford rape case and people fighting incessantly over Hillary vs. Bernie, social media is almost too scary to look at.

Luckily, Wednesday is National Best Friends Day, and you know what that means: Cute animals doing what they do best—being our besties.

On Flipagram, some of the internet’s most famous furballs are showing their love for their own best friends today. The resulting videos of pups playing together or with their hoomans—taking walks, even sharing a bath in the tub—are almost too adorable to handle, which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

On National Best Friends Day, you need not have any worries about whether your friendship is loyal true—as long as your bff is a dog. Meet a few of our favorites. 

 1) Rocco 

This English sheepdog (with 27.2k Instagram followers) is only a year and a half old and he already has two best friends: his human trampoline buddy and the adorable miniature version of himself that he likes to walk on a leash.

2) Mervin 

The toothless, inconceivably derpy chihuahua (48.5k Instagram followers) takes a bath with his best friend to the tune of Sesame Street’s “Rubber Ducky.” You are not prepared for this.

3) The Pointer Brothers

The identical giants (239k Instagram followers) do everything together, whether that means wearing human-sized hoodies or taking long walks on the beach.

4) 3Bulldogges 

The superstar trio (they’re Frenchies!) go for a bike-basket ride with a fourth bulldog pal in one video, and a skateboard ride in another. How do they all fit? Why are they so happy? How can they really lick peanut butter off of one spoon? Truly, these pups (248k Instagram followers) are an inspiration to us all.

5) Chloe the Mini-Frenchie 

The fashionable New York City pup (131k Instagram followers) has a best friend too—and don’t you dare tell her it’s actually a stuffed animal and not her identical twin from birth.


This 50 Cent track is no match for Diesel Minnie (19.5k Instagram followers) and her crew.

Don’t have a fur-flinging best friend of your own? Fear not: Like Mervin and the Pointer Brothers once were, countless shelter dogs are awaiting adoption on sites like Petfinder, the Shelter Pet Project, the ASPCA, and of course, the animal sanctuary Best Friends.

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