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A lonely doge is looking for love on Tinder

Such swipe right.


Kate Knibbs


I’m a doge looking for love on Tinder.

I like long walks and am fascinated by the moon.

Such follow. How tumblr. Wow.

Doge is on Tinder, because the Internet continues to fold in on itself in increasingly intricate meta-folds, rapidly approaching the Meme Singularity. “The big one,” the blog aggregators whisper. “It is coming.”

Lonely Doge is a Tinder creation from the minds of two developers active in the Dogecoin community. They’re not affiliated with the Dogecoin Foundation, but they do run a Dogecoin exchange. Here’s what they had to say for themselves: “We like to play and love matching female shibes on Tinder. Such success. A breath of fresh air for ladies not searching for tiger tamers. Who new so many ladies would think us their ideal match. We share love through doge and match many.”

Getting into character doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Photo via Tumblr 

Photo via Tumblr

Photo via Tumblr


Photo via Tumblr

So Lonely Doge is a promotional gambit for a Dogecoin exchange… but at least it’s livening up Tinder in a way that other marketing stunts (looking at you, The Mindy Project) haven’t.

Would you swipe right on Doge?


Illustration by Jason Reed

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