doctor speaking with caption 'health insurance companies don't care about you' (l) doctor speaking with caption 'they want to extract as much money as possible from your healthy body (c) doctor speaking with caption 'then when you're no longer healthy they want you to die as quickly as possible (r)


‘They want you to die as quickly as possible’: Doctor issues PSA about ‘the truth’ of health insurance companies

'As someone who works in health insurance verification—yes.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Feb 18, 2023

There’s a strong argument to be made that the United States of America puts business above all else. Politicians are largely able to be put into positions of power due to the backing of special interest groups, lobbies, and think tanks that are directly funded by big businesses.

It’s no secret massive corporations are willing to do bad things to turn a profit, regardless of whether people’s lives are destroyed in the process. And according to Dr. Glaucomflecken (@drglaucomflecken) in a viral TikTok post, this same type of “business first” mindset extends to health insurance companies and their attitudes towards customers.


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In the clip, he issues a reminder to his fellow viewers, “Health insurance companies don’t care about you. They don’t care.”

Dr. Glaucomflecken lists United, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, “all of them” as allegedly not caring about their customers/patients.

“They want to extract as much money as possible from your healthy body,” he continues. “Then when you’re no longer healthy, they want you to die as quickly as possible, to make room for other money-producing bodies so…have a great day.”

Insurance companies and hospitals have kept their negotiations for the pricing of procedures a secret from customers, despite the Federal Government’s mandate that this information needed to be made public. The New York Times reported that in spite of these orders, hospitals simply didn’t comply as they don’t want patients/customers to know what they’re really charging insurance companies for the services they provide. These healthcare centers may find themselves in trouble for refusing to cough up these figures if they received funding from the federal government in recent years.

Dr. Glaucomflecken’s post regarding the avarice of health insurance companies is especially concerning when one considers the massive profits raked in by the industry in 2022. Policy costs soared during the panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and it appears that healthcare businesses capitalized on it.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dr. Glaucomflecken via email for further comment.

TikTokers who saw his post agreed with the Dr.’s commentary. One user wrote, “I work in oncology. you 100% correct.” Another penned, “As someone who works in health insurance verification—yes.”

Some thought that his message needed to reach more people, with one user urging, “This needed to be a superbowl commercial! No truer words.”

Others discussed their own frustrations in dealing with insurance companies, saying that just because their doctor prescribed them a specific medication, doesn’t always mean that insurers are going to necessarily comply and cover the cost of it.

“Yep. They just denied a medication my doctor pre-authorized bc…. they can,” a user shared.

Some said even in single-payer healthcare systems that they too encounter issues.

A user said, “also, why are eyes, in particular, a luxury organ?? even in Australia with single-payer healthcare, dental and ophthalmology are out of pocket. why?”

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*First Published: Feb 18, 2023, 8:30 am CST