Little girl’s Disney princess-themed adoption hearing is a dream come true

Earlier this week, 5-year-old Danielle Koning arrived at court for her adoption finalization. It would have been an emotional day no matter what, but Samaritas foster care made it even more special. To surprise her, Koning’s caseworker and her coworkers all dressed as Disney princesses. Even the judge got in on the action!

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In a video released by Samaritas, Koning, a huge Disney princesses fan, is surprised and delighted by the princess fanfare in the courtroom. “I’m just blown away at the amount of support and how much all my co-workers jumped on board,” Kristin Grey, Koning’s caseworker told Eight of her coworkers dressed as various princesses, and even the judge took off her robe to reveal a Snow White costume underneath.

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Koning, who along with new 1-year-old sister Neveah was adopted by Jim and Sarah Koning, said after the hearing, “It was a lot of fun. I was happy to see all the princesses who came for me, and I really liked what they said to me.”

The whole thing is pretty damn cute, and there should probably be more costumes involved in court. Divorce proceedings, but dressed as your favorite Marvel characters? I’m in.

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Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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