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Screengrab via Dane/YouTube

Kid records adorable YouTube special for his first subscriber

Just wait till you find out who it is.


Austin Powell


Vlogging is all about hustle. If you’re going to make it on YouTube, you need to churn content, build your #brand, and relentless badger people into subscribing. 

Dane may be young, but he gets it. The kid is a natural hustler. Where others might simply release their video, Dane dropped a “0 subscriber special.” And when he finally got that coveted first subscriber, he recorded another special just for her. The best part? It was his grandma. 

The internet has fallen in love with Dane and his adorable lisp. His “one subscriber special” went viral on Reddit, and now Dane has more followers than he knows what to do with. He keeps recording specials to celebrate each new milestone. 

The fame is starting to go to his head. “I used to be a normal boy that nobody knew about. Then one of my videos blew up on Reddit and I’m super popular on YouTube,” he says in the 6.5K subscriber special. 

But fear not, he’s still the same cute kid we all just subscribed to. In his 18.9K special, he just films himself as he watches and waits for his subscriber count to hit the magic number, then he just lets the tape roll for another eight minutes of exclusive footage of his forehead. 

He’s now up to over 22,000, and I for one can’t wait for the next special. 

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