Jake White dad triplets

Photo via Jake White/Facebook


Car trips with a child can be a hellish cycle of whining, screaming, and the first five seconds of “Wheels on the Bus” played 212 times. Now imagine if you had three kids back there. 

Jake White in Ohio had obviously endured enough of these kinds of antics when he devised the most simple method to stop his 2-year-old triplets from fighting in the backseat: literal boundaries. 

Photo via Jake White/Facebook

Of his partitions, he told BuzzFeed, “I’m always using creative solutions. You have to when you are outnumbered.”

The post has been shared over 3,000 times on Facebook, with many commenters applauding his ingenious answer. However, one noted, “They all look annoyed lol.” To which White responded, “I can’t hear annoyed.” 

Touché, White, touché.

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