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Best video game ever. 

Have you ever been out on your bike, enjoying a leisurely afternoon ride through the park, when you suddenly happen upon an illegal rave? One cyclist captured this fascinating transition. 

Over the weekend, a rave took place at England’s South Downs National Park, near Brighton, and cyclist Tim Fry and his friend just happened to pass through a crowd that’d been partying for several hours. In the span of two-and-a-half minutes, the landscape changes from serene nature trail to trash-strewn rave wasteland, and Fry documents it with what is likely a GoPro camera.

As he weaves around parked vehicles and people likely on various illegal substances, his journey sort of turns into a video game.

The rave apparently started early Sunday morning, and continued for 24 hours, as police struggled to contain the 2,000-plus fans who showed up at the park.

Screengrab via Tim Fry/YouTube/Remix by Jason Reed

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